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     UPDATED:    23rd August 2013

Read the story of Lcpl MO Moore, KIA 7-8August 1915, Chunuk Bair, Gallipoli Campaign       Click Here

1903 Pattern Bandolier Equipment

All Prices Shown are in NZ$

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|New Zealand Pattern, 1905 Mounted Rifles Bandolier Equipment

Download Catalogue and Price List Here

Bandolier, NZ Mounted Rifles, 50 rounds, Types 1 & 2

  Bandolier, NZ Mounted Rifles, 50 Rounds, (Type 1)


Bandolier, NZ Mounted Rifles, Type 1


Price: Type 1 & 2, NZ$175.00

  Note: I do not make type 3 , 1905 Pattern MkII or Local design Type 1 and 2 Bandoliers.
For these, I offer a refurbishing service.

Belt, Waist, with four 'D' rings Type 1

Strap, Connecting, qty 2 per Bandolier Set (Types 1 & 2)



Price: Type 1 NZ$15.00 Each, Set of Two, $NZ30.00

Strap, Shoulder,  Bandolier Type 3




Price: Type 3, NZ$35.00 Each

Pouch, Ammunition 10 rnd. (Ten per set) for Waist Belt



Price: Type 1& 2, NZ$25.00 Each, Set of Ten, $NZ250.00

Attachment, Belt, NZ Mounted Rifles, For Pocket Knife


Price:  NZ$15.00 Each

Frog, Bayonet, all Types - 1, 2, 3 & 4

Bayonet Frog, NZ Mounted Rifles, Type 3

Price: All Types 1,2,3 & 4, NZ$45.00 Each


Waist Belt Pattern 1903, Mk1 & MkII (1905)



Waist Belt Pattern 1903, NZ Mounted Rifles (Type 4)


 NZ Mounted Rifles (Type 4) Accessories

Steady Strap

Attachment, Belt (for Pocket Knife)
Shoulder Strap


1903 Bandolier Equipment, Pouch Ammunition 10 round, Belt Mounted

1903 Bandolier Equipment, Pouch Ammunition 10 round replacement for 50,90 rnd Bandolier
DIY with rivets


1903 Bandolier Equipment, Pouch Ammunition 15 rounds, Belt Mounted
1903 Bandolier Equipment, Replacement Steadying Strap
1903 Bandolier Equipment, Shoulder Strap
1903 Bandolier Equipment, List of Changes
1903 Bandolier Equipment, New Zealand Patterns
1903 Bandolier Equipment, Attachment, Belt, NZ Mounted Rifles
1903 Bandolier Equipment, Refurbishment Service

Refurbish damaged Bandoliers, fit new ammo pouches, New backing straps, replacement period buckles and keepers. Bring your bandolier back to life after 110 years of abuse'
Re-enactors, you don't have to wear a "mint" and "Collectable" bandolier, they are 110 years old. Keep it in your display, originals are appreciating in value. Wear a new made repro or have a damaged one refurbished. The price may appear expensive, but its better than damaging or abusing an original in the field.

A Bandolier Project

Bandolier MkII (NZ Type 3) as obtained for Refurbishment

Bandolier Pouch in poor condition

Bandolier shoulder Strap has been crudely modified




Remove defective and damaged parts Replace with new made strap




Replace all damaged parts with new matching parts to original specifications.

The 1903 Bandolier, refurbished, stained and polished

1903 Bandolier, refurbished at a cost to the customer of $75.00

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