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8 October 2014

with the


2014 Programme
















Sunday 12 October 2014 Shoot
Annual Reactive Championship
50m critters
150, 185m & 200m Reactive Target
25 - 35m Pop Up Targets
Running Boar

Shotgun, Muzzle loading, BP Cartridge

Open to all Black Powder Muzzle Loaders, Cartridge rifles & Lever Actions

Weather Forecast for:
(As at: ) 7 Oct 14

 12 october 2014

16o Fine with light winds

Mickey Mouse Taking Fire

  Photo: Phil

For the September score sheet, CLICK HERE

Monthly Club Shoots, Second Sunday of the Month
50 yard Offhand Range 100 yard Range , prone, X sticks & Benchrest
Reactive Shoots & Black Powder shotgun
Longer Range Shoots, 100 - 450yards
300,  Yard Range
Club Notices
There will be a working bee at the range on Saturday 11th Oct, weather depending.
We have several jobs to be done, The new gong range to be set out, some gorse clearing.
Build up the 100m mound.
Some small building projects.
Complete and test the running boar.

Anyone who wants to come are welcome, You can stay saturday night, should be a couple of beds available.

Black Powder Availability

Owing to the shortage of black powder and Pyrodex, Nitro is acceptable on the shotgun range.

Important Notice

Black Powder Shooters Welcome
Parking ONLY behind the 100m mound

Range Fees apply
Your range fee is your Club subs.

Powder (Pyrodex Only), caps, ball available


The Wakanui Beach Range is on private land and NOT open to the public at any time. Restrictions may apply from time to time set by the stake holder.
The range is only open to the Canterbury Black Powder Shooters Group for monthly club shoots on the second Sunday of the month and any other day authorised by the Land Owner

September Shoot Photos

185 & 200m target 

Running Boar

Running Boar
For more photos and Info on the August Shoot shoot,
read the Wakanui Report

2014 Programme

2014 Date Range Event Details
West Coast Black Powder
  Kopara North/South Shoot Labour Weekend
Canterbury Black Powder 12th October Wakanui, Ashburton Reactive Range Championships Open to all Black powder Shooters

CBPSG Range fee:  Rifle & Shotgun  $10.00 (Includes Clays)
Other Range Fees will be published with the shoot notice.
You do not have to shoot in all categories. Your choice what you shoot.
See shooting notices for contact numbers for cancellation notices.
You must bring your lunch, the range area is suited for family picnics.
Please bring a rubbish bag as you must take all rubbish away with you.

Range Restrictions:
Black Powder ONLY, No jacketed bullets. Black Powder Calibers up to .75
Shotgun with Black Powder loads only, muzzle loading and cartridge, NO Field loads

Click Here to view Cannon shoot Photos
Shoot videos on YouTube
<click here>

Powder, caps, nipples & accessories available at the range from the Gunrunner,
If you require Powder you should phone Peter prior to the shoot so as he can arrange delivery if he is not going to attend.
to ensure your orders contact: Peter  Phone:  (03) 308 7878
For more recommended suppliers of black powder, guns & accessories, Click here

The Wakanui Report

September Score Sheet


Long Range Shooting, Butts range, Ashburton
Long range shooting will no longer be a scheduled event but more in the form of ringing around the small pool of long range shooters and organising a date that suits all. When long range shooting is held during the week I will advise all interested in Long Range so that they may be able to organise a day off to attend.

 CBPSG Range Availability.

As Black Powder Shooters We currently have the following ranges at our disposal:
Ashburton Butts Range
Trailblazers Pistol Club, Arahura Valley

Ranges available for occasional use:
Mt Hutt

Ranges Unavailable

Please read the discussion paper and let me know if you have any comments.

Please ensure you check this sight for updates if you are interested in what we do and upcoming events. Email newsletters are no longer sent out to prospective shooters.
My intention is to direct my energies to those shooters who attend shoots regularly and not those that don't. There will still be regular pre & post match newsletters to regular shooters or those who request email newsletters and this website will still be updated post match. . 







Long Range Programme
Butts Range Ashburton

(Updated 3 Jan 2009)
Long Range Shooting is held at least once per Month on a week day at the Butts range, Ashburton.
This is on an ad hoc basis, if you are interested in attending some of these shoots please email
Ashburton Range Shoot and we will then advise you when these shoots are to be held. There is no format for these shoots and they are for both black powder and centerfire shooting.

100 yds No 100 yd sighters. All rifles must be sighted at 100 yds/mtrs prior to this shoot.
300 yds



}  Vetterllie/convertible sighters match
for Military and free rifles.



Muzzle Loaders....
MLAIC (Muzzle Loading Association International Committee) Rules apply.  300 & 500 Vetterlli shoots. For Draft rules Click Here
These  rules taken from Muzzle Loading Association International Committee
BP Cartridge Rifles...
Quigley and Precision shoots
click here

500yds } Sighters and match TBA MLAIC (Muzzle Loading Association International Committee) Rules apply.
NOTE: This match is designated LONG RANGE, therefore it is not suitable for normal type round ball and maxi ball type percussion and flintlock type rifles. Only rifles, cartridge and percussion, that meet the long range criteria will be permitted for this match. Owing to the small cone of fire on the Ashburton range, it is imperative that no bullet over flies the backstop or escapes the cone of fire. The long Range criteria will be set by the organisers but generally will apply to the standard type cartridge rifles, 47-70,50-70, 577-450 etc and the Enfield types, two & three band, Whitworth, Volunteer, Mortimer and Rigby types firing expanding Minnie type bullets or Maxi depending on the rifle.
If you wish to participate and  are unsure if your rifle will meet the criteria pleas email the Long Range Organising Committee giving details of your rifle and ammunition.
If you have the appropriate long range rifle but have not shot these distances before, the 100 & 200 yard ranges will enable the Range Officer to determine if it is appropriate that you progress to the longer ranges. No shooter will be able to progress beyond 200yds if the Range Officer suspects that you are unable to contain your shooting inside the cone of fire.

This Match is for Black Powder or Pyrodex ONLY
NO Nitro, NO Gas Checks, NO Copper Jackets, NO Exceptions 

  Videos now on YOUTUBE <click here>

Notices and Downloads

For Directions to the butts Range, Ashburton,
Please Email
  Range Standing Orders Under review for new range.