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                          I--- ** Canterbury Service Rifle Shooters Group**

Service Rifle Shooting with the

Scheduled Match:    August 2007, Venue and date to be confirmed.
1931 Skill at Arms Competition for Bolt Action Rifles 1960's-70's & 80's Queens Medal Shoot for
Semi Automatics

For "As Issued" Rifles ONLY
No Target Sights, Optics or slings....... Milsurp or equivalent ammunition Only (No lead)

A Service Rifle Match
What does it mean? What is expected?

There are quite a few rules written regarding the running of service rifle matches. We loosely base our rules around the NSW Service Rifle Assn.  Why? Well really because the are well documented, quite easy to read, comprehensive and easy to conform too. However, our interpretation is quite liberal. (Note: NSW Service rifle do not refer to any semi-automatic rifles as the don't have them in Australia. I will publish a list for discussion.
What is a Service Rifle Match.... It is a match that we loosely base on military lines, military themes, using military targets where applicable for Military Service Rifles.
Our definition of a Service Rifle,

Rifle: A rifle that has been in general issue with an armed force at some stage. This definition also includes rifles of a civilian pattern that are accepted as being  para military (mini14/30), a military conforming rifle, a civilian rifle based on a military rifle (H&K SL4/8, AR15 etc), or an "A" category version of an MSSA (Military Style Semi Automatic).
(see NSWSRA website for a list of service rifles)
Sights: Iron sights, of an as issued type for the type of rifle being used. Not aftermarket target sights, modified military sights or optical sights (except for sniper class) If using a para military type rifle, (H&K SL4/8, AR15, mini14/30 etc), these rifles must have a military style iron sight.

Ammunition: Ammunition of a military caliber, ie. that caliber that has been used with a military force at some stage and constant to the rifle to which it is being used. It does not have to be milsurp ammunition, but any commercial or reloaded ammunition is acceptable but it should be consistent with the original cartridge as to load and bullet weight. eg. .303, 174pr, 180gr or 215gr. No 123gr or 150gr.  7.62mm/.308, 144,147 or 150gr. Copper jacket FMJ or Soft point. No target or hunting projectiles (with the exception of copper jacket, lead tip projectiles, No lead projectiles.
For guidance see IMAS rules.

Sniper Class: Rifles and  Optical sights for the "Sniper Class" should be military issued sniper rifles or faithfully reproduced sniper rifles. They should have an original optical sight, however, because of the scarcity of both these rifles and telescopic sights, a civilian pattern telescopic sight, preferably but no greater than 4x32 power should be used. If this is not possible a telescopic sight of no greater power of x4 may be used. This includes vari-power telescopic sights with the power setting set to no greater than x4 will be acceptable.   A civilian pattern rifle firing a non-military type cartridge does not fit into this category.
In short. a military rifle is "As issued".....  Service Rifle matches are put on for shooters to use their service rifles simulating as close as possible original conditions....   
(Politically correct, probably not but it is a service rifle shoot.)
Figure 11 Figure 12 Figure 14

What does it mean?
It is expected that shooters will want to conform to our definition of a Service Rifle match. Shooters with non-conforming rifles will not be eligible to shoot.

All scores will be recorded on an equal basis throughout the match.
On presentation of the final match scores only those rifles recorded as meeting the "Service Rifle" status will be eligible for match grades of 1st, 2nd & 3rd etc. They will also be eligible for "Merit Awards" for that match and have those awards carried over to the next and subsequent matches.

This is a Service Rifle Match.... If you can't meet the criteria you will not be able to shoot.
If you have to have target or modified sights you should be joining the NRA.

Service Rifle matches are for "Service Rifles".... "As Issued".... No Exceptions!!!!!!

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