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I--- Shooting
                 I--- ** Waikiti Downs Rifle Range**



No Matches Programmed until the New Year

Casual Shooters welcome
Contact Waikiti Downs
(03) 738-0221
for Bookings and Information

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Previous Service Rifle Shoots
On the firing line with Bayonets fixed Replica WWI trench periscope rifle

Long Tan Shoot


Service Rifle Semi-auto Day
Was held on the 19th August 2006

Commemorating the
Battle of Long Tan

(18 August 1966)

Downloads from the shoot -

Download Score sheet Double Tap Movie  

The morning after the Battle of Long Tan



A Service Rifle Match
What does it mean? What is expected?

There are quite a few rules written regarding the running of service rifle matches. We loosely base our rules around the NSW Service Rifle Assn. Why? Well really because the are well documented, quite easy to read, comprehensive and easy to conform too. However, our interpretation is quite liberal and very  loose.
We pride ourselves in making any shooter welcome to shoot in any match using any rifle, of any caliber, with any sights. It is more important to us to encourage any shooter to come and shoot with us than to turn them away because their rifle does not conform strict rules of sights, ammunition or make or model.

But..... (there is always a BUT) we do expect non conforming shooters to accept certain facts regarding the match.

What is a Service Rifle Match.... It is a match that we loosely base on military lines, military themes, using military targets where applicable for Military Rifles.
Our definition of a Service Rifle,
Rifle: A rifle that has been in general issue with an armed force at some stage. This definition also includes rifles of a civilian pattern that are accepted as being  para military (mini14/30), a military conforming rifle, a civilian rifle based on a military rifle (H&K SL4/8, AR15 etc), or an "A" category version of an MSSA (Military Style Semi Automatic).
A sportised military issue type rifle is acceptable as long as it is consistent with the sight definitions. (eg. A mkIII SMLE or No4 Lee Enfield or similar etc common in New Zealand) Not a commercial rifle. (see NSWSRA website for a list of service rifles)
Sights: Iron sights, of an as issued type for the type being used. Not aftermarket target sights, modified military sights or optical sights (except for sniper class)
Ammunition: Ammunition of a military caliber, ie. that caliber that has been used with a military force at some stage and constant to the rifle to which it is being used. It does not have to be milsurp ammunition, but any commercial or reloaded ammunition is acceptable but it should be consistent with the original cartridge as to load and bullet weight.
Sniper Class: Rifles and  Optical sights for the "Sniper Class" should be military issued sniper rifles or faithfully reproduced sniper rifles. They should have an original optical sight, however, because of the scarcity of both these rifles and telescopic sights, a civilian pattern telescopic sight, preferably but no greater than 4x32 power should be used. If this is not possible a telescopic sight of no greater power of x4 may be used. This includes vari-power telescopic sights with the power setting set to no greater than x4 will be acceptable.  A sportised military type rifle fitted with a telescopic sight as described above will be acceptable for this class. A civilian pattern rifle firing a non-military type cartridge does not fit into this category.
In short. a military rifle is "As issued".....  Service Rifle matches are put on for shooters to use their service rifles simulating as close as possible original conditions....   

What does it mean?
It is expected that shooters will want to conform to our definition of a Service Rifle match but we accept that some shooters may not be able to, or not want to, conform to our definition. This will in no way excludes that non-conforming shooter from a match, they are welcome to participate in every way. However, whilst non-conforming shooters will not have any handicap placed on them there will be differences in which way the final scoring of the match is presented.

All scores will be recorded on an equal basis throughout the match.
On presentation of the final match scores only those rifles recorded as meeting the "Service Rifle" status will those shooters be eligible for match grades of 1st, 2nd & 3rd etc. Also only those shooters will be eligible for "Merit Awards" for that match and have those awards carried over to the next and subsequent matches.

Non-conforming shooters will only have their match scores presented & published with no grade or merit award allocated.


Waikiti Downs Pistol & Rifle Club Range complex. 500 & 1000m ranges
Waikiti Downs Rifle Range

  • Rifle shooting events for all classes, grade and skill levels:

  • Open events, open to any rifle with any sights, 50 to 1000m

  • Service rifle events, military "as issued", target sights and sniper classes. NSW Service Rifle rules to apply.

  • NRA type target classes 100 to 1000m

  • Bench rest to 1000m

  • Black powder, long range, cartridge & Muzzle loader, 100 to 500m

500m Rifle Range 1000m Rifle range Reactive Range    
Target positions at
25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 & 500m

Mounds at 100, 150, 200, 300 & 400m
Bench rests at 500m

Offhand, sitting or kneeling at
25, 50 & 75m

Target positions at
700, 800, 900m, 1000yds & 1000m

Shooting from bench rests



"The Swamp Range"

Reactive targets placed between 25 & 50m
Rapid fire center fire or .22 range.
Suitable for supervised kids.



Waikiti range Easter Sunday Shoot (Click for larger image)


  Waikiti Range
from 400m
Shooting Black powder
at 300m
Waikiti Range Target Frames for the 500m Range  

Bill Perry, using a 6.5mm284 shot 90.0 at 1000m using a US Army standard 1000yard target.
                  The rifle was scoped with a 8-25 power scope and using Norma 130gr Diamond line projectiles.
                  There was no wind. Score: 1 x 10, 8 x 9 & 1 x 8 = 90.0

For further information:
Phone: (03) 738-0221

A Range fee of $10.00 applies for all range shoots.
How do you get to the Waikiti Range?
Click on the Maps

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