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I--- (Shooting & Military History in Canterbury & the West Coast)
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Shooting Pages
            I--- Shooting
                    I--- Blackpowder Shooting (Offhand Muzzle loading, Rifle & Shotgun. Black Powder Cartridge, Rifle & Shotgun)
                                    I--- Photo Archives (Selected images from each months shoot
                            I--- Canterbury Black Powder Shooters Group  (Woodstock Downs)
                                    I--- Photo Archives (Selected images from each months shoot)
                            I--- West Coast Black Powder Shooters Assn. Inc (Kopara)

                            I--- Other Black Powder Shooting (Links and info with other kindred organisations)

                    I--- Centerfire Shooting (Service Rifle, NRA Target Shooting, "F" Class, and Long Range Black Powder Shooting)
                            I--- Canterbury Service Rifle Group (Service Rifle shooting)

                    I--- Shooting links

Military History Pages
            I--- Defending Canterbury

             I---    Godley Head Fortress
                     I---   Timaru Costal Defences (Timaru Battey, Smithfield - Public Air raid Shelters - Seadown Anti tank Ditch - Fairlie Army
                                        Ammunition Depot)
Updated: Oct 07
I---   Mt Pleasant AA Defences
I---   Port Hills Defence Sites (Summit road -  Castle Rock - Bridal path - Sumner - Redcliffs - Pillbox & Lewis Gun)
I---   Battery point (Lyttelton)

                            I---   Cobden (Greymouth)
I---   Westport

I---   Cape Wanbrow (Oamaru)
I---   Other WWII Defence Sites in Canterbury  (Teparita Air field - AR16 Bankside Fuel Bunker -
                                        Rangitata Bridge approach - CassBay Mine Depot RNZN - Tikao Bay Mine Depot RNZN - RNZAF Station Ashburton -                                        Clarence Bridge Radar - Hokitika Pill Box - Bryans Hill)   
I---   Pre WWII Costal Defence Sites in Canterbury  (Battery point - Point Erskin - Ripapa Island - Oamaru)

I---   Miscellaneous Fortifications Other Provinces - Wrights Hill,  Palmer Head (Wellington)
I---   Fort Opau (Makra Coast) Wellington 
I---   Akaroa (Wainui)

                     I---   Nelson Marlborough Defences (Tophouse Aerodrome - Lake Grassmere Bombing Range)
                     I---   Gate Guardians, Guns & Memorials Feb 10
                    I---   WWII Anti Invasion Plans for Canterbury    Aug 09                  
                     I---   Gallipoli Anzac Cove  Apr 09
I---   Otago PeninsulaFeb 10
I---   Harrington Point 1899 - 1945 Feb 10
I---  Tomahawk Battery 1942  Mar 10

VNA (Victorian Military Accoutrenents
            I--- BANZ (Service Rifle & Black Powder Shooting Accessories)
                    I---  BANZ Service Rifle Sight Adjusting Tools
                    I---  BANZ Back powder Accessories

                    I---  BANZ Nitro Rifle & Pistol Powders


Viet Nam Vets
I---   A page of interest to Viet Nam Veterans


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