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I--- Fortifications
 I---   ** Akaroa ((Wainui)**


143 Heavy Battery, 11 (Heavy) Coast Regiment NZA Wainui
No 1 gun, Colchester style gun shelter for the 6" gun
No 1 Gun
The Colchester style gun shelter for No 1 6" Mk VII BL Gun Right of arc for the 6" gun covering Akaroa Heads and mine field.


No 2 Gun
Front view of No 2 Gun shelter Rear of No 2 Gun shelter from No 1 Gun


Battery Observation Post
The BOP from No 1 gun The roof of the Battery Observation post The BOP is now a comfortable holiday batch The view of the Akaroa heads from the BOP

Fort Record Book
143 Hvy Battery NZA WAINUI

Shortly after the outbreak of hostilities with Japan the 84 Hvy. Bty. NZA "D" Sec., was established in Jan. 42 for the purpose of anti-invasion and the denial to the enemy of the use of the port of Akaroa. A tempery battery with an effective range of 10,000 yds covering the entrance to the Akaroa Heads comprising 1- 60 pdr. And 1- 6" howitzer was located to the left of the Wainui Kowhai Valley road and approx. 1-3/4 miles from the Wainui Post Office.

 Construction work on the permanent two 6" gun battery,  was as authorised under the Govt. Half yearly Works Programme and Estimates for Apr. - Sept 42 was commenced on 14 Sept. 42.

 On the mounting of both 6" guns in Jan. 43 the tempery Battery was dismantled and the Operational role was maintained at the Cape Three Points Site. This land being purchased from Mr. RWF Newton of Mt. Bossu, Wainui.

 Under Army HQ's Reduction for Coast Arty. As outlined in SMD memo S//R/2/5 of 17 Sept. 43, this Battery immediately reverted to a Care and Maintenance Section and on further decision by Army HQ the  armament was dismantled on 7 Oct 43 and removed from the Battery site in Feb. 44. A camp guard was maintained until the handing over of the camp on 13 Apr. 44 to Area 10.

Two BL 6" Mk VII Guns
on P.III Mounts
No 1939 dated 1903
No 1650 dated 1902
Max range 17,500 yds
Effective range 14,000 yds


Maps & Satellite Images
Map showing 1943 Mine field and arc of fire Google Earth Gun Emplacement

Status: The Wainui Battery concrete structures are largely intact. They are on private property and permission should be obtained from the landowner to visit.



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