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I--- Fortifications
 I---   ** Gate Guardians **

Gate Guardians, Guns & Monuments
Dedicated to those public displays of Militaria & Memorials

South Island        
TS Cornwall  ]
Sumner, Christchurch
Wairau Incident  ] Nasby  ] [ Rangatata Roadblock ] Kopara  ]
Greymouth  ]  Papanui RSA  ] [ Hokitika ] [ Ranfurly ] [ Okains bay
Settlers Museum ]
 [  Kakapo Bay  ]
Port Underwood
Bryans Hill  ]
Rangatata Gorge
Cust ]
North Canterbury
Cromwell ] Rangatata River  ]
Portobello ]
Otago Peninsula
Guns of Lyttelton
Museum  ]
Wanaka Transport & Toy Museum ]
Central Otago
[ Akaroa ]  
North Island        
Wellington ]
Carter Observatory
Linton Camp  ] Dargaville ] Pirongia  ]  

                               Other Countries

Canakkale (Gallipoli)  ]        

TS Cornwall Redcliffs Christchurch
Caronade (Details unknown) Naval 4" MkXIX QF 1943 on Mount MkXXIII
7in-7Ton RML (Rifled Muzzle Loading) gun MkIV Royal Gun Factory 1873, Mounted Erskine Point

Sight of the Wairau Incident - Affray
Wairau Cemetary, Tuamarina
Skoda 75mm Howitzer (War Trophy)
Interpretive plate on Skoda gun Monument to Europeans Killed in the Wairau Incident
(Henry Bomforth was a relative of mine from Okains Bay, His brother was also present and lost an arm to a tomahawk attack but
survived the massacre )

Nasby Central Otago
Krup 75mm gun in park, Nasby town center

Linton Military Camp
105mm L5 Pack Howitzer
(16 Field Regiment RNZA Linton Camp)
5.5in BL Gun 
(16 Field Regiment RNZA Linton Camp)

Kopara Gate Guardian
12lb Armstrong, New Zealand Wars Relic
12lb Armstrong, Royal Artillery Museum, Firepower, Woollich Arsenal, London

Greymouth RSA
QF 25Pr MkII 1940
QF 40mm Mk1* Bofors 1942

Cannakkle (Gallipoli) Turkey
9" Coastal Gun showing three hits from British/French warships

Hokitika & Kaniere
Hokitika RSA, 40mm Bofors & 105mm Howitzer M101
24pr ML dated 1813, Hokitika riverbank, Originally mounted Britomart, Auckland
German WW1 Krupp Howitzer, Hokitika riverbank, Kaniere

Ranfurly Central Otago

A 3.7 inch Anti Aircraft Gun (No details)



Okains Bay Settlers & Maori Museum
40mm Bofors AA Gun and Canon (Details Unknown)

Kakapo Bay, Port Underwood, Marlborough Sounds
A monument to John Guard, Early settler & whaler Apr 09

Bryans Hill
(Rangatata Gorge)

The 6-pounder antitank gun
Farm Gate Guardian

Cust, North Canterbury, War Memorial Guardian

October 2009

M101, 105mm Howitzer. I believe that this gun served as "E" gun, 161 Bty RNZA, Viet Nam

Cromwell, Central Otago

November 2009

Krup 75mm Howitzer dated 1917

Wellington, Carter Observatory




December 2009

Portobello, Otago Peninsulla

February 10

75mm Krup Howitzer. Only the barrel, breach, shield and axle  are original. A very good reproduction trail and wheels.

Rangatata Roadblock

Click Here for Larger Image

Click Here for Larger Image




May 2010

Guns of Lyttleton Museum


February 10


Papanui RSA

February 10

105mm Gun Howitzer M101 ex 3 Fd Regiment RNZA

40mm Bofors on Naval Mount

Wanaka Transport & Toy Museum

Gate Guardian, Centurion Tank, Viet Nam War, 1 Armd Regt., RAAC

February 12


For more interesting military vehicles, guns and equipment at the Wanaka Transport & Toy Museum

CLICK HERE for more Images of the Vehicles & Guns

Dargaville RSA 25pr Gun


February 29



Photos: Phil Creegan 



February 2013

Photos: Phil Moore




Pirongia 6 pr Hotchkiss

February 2


Photos: Phil Creegan


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