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Godley Head Fortress Area
1939 -1956
WWII Fortifications             
I--- **Godley Head Fortress**
          I---   Timaru forts
I---   Port Hills fort
I---   Battery point

          I---   Miscellaneous Fortifications

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Notice: As the Godley Head Heritage Trust now has its own website I am no longer going to maintain this page. I produced it from concern for the future of Godley Head but that is now secure under the wing of the trust. Some of my material is inaccurate  and is better left to the experts. The Trust website contains all the information regarding history and access.
For more information on Godley Head Fortress Area I suggest you visit the
                                                      Godley Head heritage Trust

Maps & Aerial Photo of Godley Head Fortress Area
Click on the links below for Maps & Aerial Photos of Godley Head Fortress Area
  Aerial Photo
Guard Houses
1. Guard House on Summit Road entrance to Godley Head 2. Guard House overlooking
Breeze Bay
(Not visible from road)

Livingstone Bay
Guard Houses above Livingstone bay
Two guard houses below the road above Livingstone bay (Not visible from road)
Two MG Pill boxes
above road facing valley looking down on Taylors Mistake
"A" gun pillbox "B" gun pillbox Lewis gun pintle inside
 "B" gun pillbox
Looking through the embrasure of "B" gun down on Taylors Mistake



Lower Battery Observation Post (BOP 3)

Lower  Observation Post exterior Inside the OP, shows the intact range finder pedestal Remains of an air raid shelter trench

Upper Battery Observation Post (BOP 1)

Upper  Observation Post exterior

Godley Head from the Upper OP


Underground Cook House

Underground cookhouse

Air raid shelter


Power House Complex

Power House complex&
miniature range 
Predictor room Power house       Power house interior
Once housed two Dorman diesel generators

Overall views of the Godley Head Fortifications
A view looking back towards the hillside OP's Godley head from the air during construction 1939


The Godley Head Fortress Area
6" Battery

Entrance road to gun position No 1 Gun shelter No 2 Gun shelter No 1 & 2 gun structures
No 2 gun pit No 3 gun pit No 3 gun, first firing 1950


Battery Support Buildings


Radar station,  predictor room and generator room
On the site of the first lighthouse, demolished to make way for the guns
Radar array, 1950 RA and REME stores

The Magazines

No 2 gun magazine, steep stairs lead down to the magazine, steel doors and blast cavity at the entrance to the shell room. No 3 gun magazine, like the gun pit a later addition and different design. An external hoist and stairs leading into the magazine (Locked, the fence a later addition)


4" Gun Emplacements (Taylor Battery)

View of the 6in position from the Godley head 6"  position
"Taylor" 2 gun 6in Battery. Damage to No 1 gun probably the result of an Army demolition exercise after the position was abandoned in 1942.
Godley Head 6in Battery from the "Taylor" 6in Battery


Cliff top Searchlight Observation Post (BOP2)

Cliff top OP from where the searchlights were operated
The interior of the Cliff top OP. The searchlights were operated remotely by cables and pulley's from here. Cliff top OP looking over the Entrance to Lyttelton harbour A view of Aderly Head and the entrance to Lyttleton harbour from inside the OP

Searchlight positions at base of cliffs

The access tunnel (built by hardrock miners from Reefton) to the searchlight positions No 1 searchlight from the lighthouse on the cliffs bellow the guns No 2 searchlight position

Artillery units at Godly Head  

11 Heavy (Coast) Regiment

  • RHQ    Godley Head
  • 80 Battery    Godley Head: northern Mainland entrance to Lyttleton Harbour
    • three 6" Mk 24
    • Two 4-in MK VII

12 Heavy Anti Aircraft Regt (HAA)

  • CMT Service Godley head
    3.7" anti aircraft guns



A gun crew of 12 HAA in training in Waiouru 12 HAA Regt Godley Head

Godly Head is open to the public and administered by the Godley Head Heritage Trust under the direction of the Department of conservation
Contact the Godley Head heritage Trust PO Box 354 Christchurch.

 Website: The Godley Head heritage Trust
Paul Wilkins Historian Godley Head Heritage trust


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