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I--- Fortifications
 I---   Otago Peninsula
I---   ** Harrington Pt**

Coastal Defence, Otago Peninsula

Harrington Point

Fort Tiaroa Harrington Point Rerewahine Battery Tomahawk Battery


Harrington Point from Tiaroa Head

Aerial photos of Harrington Point taken by 2 GR (General Reconnaissance) Sqn. RNZAF Jan 1943
Click Image for a larger view

Guns of Harrington Point 1899 - 1941
15lb QF Field gun 1941
Photo shows gun mounted on a field mount. Harringtomn Point guns were mounted on a fixed Locally manufactured mount in an
AMTB (Anti Motor Torpedo Boat) roll
7 inch 7 Ton RML
1899 - 1903

(Rifled Muzzle Loader)
6lb Nordenfelt QF 1899, 1941 - 1945
Replacing the 15lb guns in 1941.
Upper 7in RML Battery Lower Battery 1904 Engine Room 1903 CASL 1941 CASL 1941 Engine Room

Upper Battery, 1899 - 1903
7in 7ton RML

A superbly made scale model of a 7in RML on display at Fort Tiaroa


No1 Gun 7in RML Position 1899
Upper 7in RML Battery Magazine entrance (Its a shame about the graffiti in such a historic site)
Battery Observation Post (BOP) 1903. Also used during WWII
No2 Gun 7in RML Position 1903, 7in RML central pintle still in place
This site was modified during WWII with the addition of a War Shelter and Engine Room. More Info Click Here

1904 Engine Room

1903 Engine Room, Victoria D2 Dynamo

Note: Entrance to Tunnel
at foot of parapet.

Stout shoes and a torch required.
The tunnel is over 100m long, very muddy and slippery

1903 Engine Room, Musketry Parapet and Tunnel Entrance Musketry Parapet to Engine Room
1903 CASL
(Coastal Artillery Search Light)
Original 1903 searchlight operating instructions are still partially legible under the Graffiti (Interpretation above)

Tunnel to engine room looking back towards searchlight




Coastal Artillery searchlight mounted 1903 and connected by a 100m tunnel to the Engine Room in 1906.
Searchlights (Three Railway engine lights Mounted 1941) Latter replaced with a 90cm AA searchlight

Tunnel and steps to engine room




The Lower Battery 1899 - 1945
View along the frontage of the lower Gun Position.
1897 saw a mine field sown across this frontage of water.

                                                                                                                             Archives NZ: Fort Record Book Taiaroa CAWQ/CH540/6/3.7
No 2 Gun and war Shelter

                                                                                                                    Archives NZ: Fort Record Book Taiaroa CAWQ/CH540/6/3.7
War Shelter & Musketry Parapet
No 1 Gun Shelter

                                                                                                                           Archives NZ: Fort Record Book Taiaroa CAWQ/CH540/6/3.7
Barbed wire entanglements remain on cliff face

1941 CASL

1941 CASL (Coastal Artillery Search Light) Post built to house a 90cm AA Search Light
Replaces earlier CASL position behind built 1903

                                                                                                                             Archives NZ: Fort Record Book CAWQ/CH540/6/3.7

Two photos of 90cm Coastal Artillery Searchlights in the UK of the type used in NZ

                                                                                                                                    Archives NZ: Fort Record Book CAWQ/CH540/6/3.7

1941 CASL Position with shutters of which only one remains 90cm CASL WWII

1941 Engine Room & BOP

No2 7in Gun Position was utilized in 1941 by the building of an Engine Room, war shelter and Observation Post.
The foundation for the 7in RML was too strongly built for total removal to lower the floor of the gun position for the engine room.

Perkins diesel engine with English Electric Generator.

Taiaroa Fort Record Book Extract   Archives NZ: Fort Record Book CAWQ/CH540/6/3.7

Part II.       Historical and Administrative
Section D.  Mounting and Dismounting Ordnance

      (a)     Mounting and Dismountion Guns
On 21 July 45 the two 6 pdr Nordenfelt Q.F. Guns were removed from their emplacements at Harrington Battery and were forwarded to 11 Coast Regt      
                    LYTTELTON on 1 Aug 45. This work was done by Capt R. Kerr RNZA

       (b)   Sealing of Gun Emplacements, etc.
                   On 11 Sep 45 personnel from 36 Army Troop Coy, RNZE DUNEDIN commenced the sealing and securing of the following buildings
                  and emplacements against pillage or damage. Work was completed on 21 Sep 45.

                  Engine Room
                  No2 S.L. Emplacement
                  BOP an Directing Station


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