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       I---  Fortifications   
I--- ** Nelson & Marlborough**             


Other Defence Installations in Nelson & Marlborough that have survived.
(This section is not as comprehensive as those for Canterbury & the West coast)


RNZAF Aerodrome Tophouse
Lake Grassmere Bombing Range



RNZAF Aerodrome Tophouse
Originally PWD Aerodrome Tophouse and designated RNZAF Tophouse during WWII. Little is known of its history although I was told many years ago it was to have been the airfield from which the final defence of New Zealand was to have come from after the Japanese invasion. Truth or rumour I do not know.
Lakes Station (RNZAF Tophouse) as it is today Google Earth Satellite image

Status & Access:


Flying airfield now known as Lakes Station Aerodrome and used by the local gliding clubs. Access of SH63 approx 5km west of St Arnaud (Lake Rotoiti)
Lake Grassmere Bombing Range
Download 1941 map of Lake Grassmere
Looking south down the air/ground gunnery range A war shelter? on the northern end of the air/ground gunnery range A war shelter? on the southern end of the air/ground gunnery range Google Earth Satellite image of Lake Grassmere
The runway of RNZAF Grassmere.
Difficult to imagine the activity of Kitty Hawks and Hudson bombers.
Nothing really remains of the Air force camp except what is photographed above.  Foundations for a store building and a magazine.

Status & Access:    The air/ground gunnery range along the beach was modified in the 1960's and no trace remains.
The air force camp is on private property and landowners permission should be gained to visit the site.

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