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Makers of Victorian Military Accoutrements for The British Army, 1750 - 1905, The New Zealand Armed Constabulary, The American Civil War, Commonwealth and Dominion Mounted Rifles 1880 - 1905, The Boer wars and the First World War

Important Notice!

Price Revisions

I am sorry to announce that I have to revise my prices due to the rising cost of Materials, Postage PayPal charges and the rising value of the New Zealand Dollar.
Unlike the New Zealand Primary industry, dairy, meat and fruit, I am unable to absorb these costs.

I Have never before had a price increase in five years!

Also, I have had to increase the prices of "Whitened Buff"* Leatherware, Belts, Shoulder straps, Expense Pouches and Cartridge Pouches



UPDATED:   10 Serptember 2014


To Order, Email:

All VMA leather Accoutrements are hand crafted and hand stitched to exact original designs and measurements where possible. The patterns are taken from "Soldiers Accoutrements of the British Army 1750-1900" by Pierre Turner, New Zealand Armed Constabulary original items and many other sources.  I can offer authentic items from all eras and origins.
British Regiments, New Zealand Wars, Crimea, US Civil War, Africa and India.
To date I have concentrated on the period 1850 - 1880. British leather rifle slings up to 1945.
I have small stocks of most items but usually make to order to incorporate purchasers wishes as to colour, markings   and special sizes and am adding to the inventory all the time. If you don't see it here, please enquire.
VMA leatherware is of a higher standard of that which is mostly offered elsewhere, precise hand stitching, quality selected New Zealand and imported leathers, stained and hand polished. Where possible quality solid brass hardware and at a reasonable price.




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VMA Product List

Cartridge Boxes

Shoulder Straps, All Patterns

Cap Pouch


Pattern 1857

Pattern 1859
Cartridge Box Representative Enfield Pattern circa 1856 $105.00 Shoulder Strap Pattern 1856            } $50.00 Cap Pocket (Pouch) Pattern 1857 $40.00
Cartridge Box Sergeants Patten 1859 $150.00 Shoulder Strap Pattern 1850            }   "Whitened Buff",    $55.00 $50.00 Cap Pocket (Pouch) Pattern 2nd pattern 1859 $40.00
Cartridge Box Rank & File Patten 1859 $125.00 Shoulder Strap Pattern 1805 (Rank & File) $60.00

Cap Pocket (Pouch) Pattern 1840


Cartridge Box Rank& File Pat 1805 with shoulder straps $150.00 Shoulder Strap Pattern 1800 (
Officers & Warrant Officer)
Cartridge Box Pattern 1805
udes Shoulder Strap)
Waist Belts Bayonet Frogs

Expense Pouch




  Bayonet Frog Pattern 1853 $50.00 Expense Pouch Pattern 1855 $85.00 (Black Only)
Waist Belt Pattern 1850 w/Bayonet Frog $110 - $150  
White Buff $115 - $155
Bayonet Frog Pattern 1865 $50.00 Expense Pouch Pattern 1859 $85.00  Whitened Buff    $90.00
Waist Belt Pattern 1854 $100 - $140  
White Buff $110 - $145
Bayonet Scabbard Various Patterns POA    
Waist Belt Pattern 1882 $105 - $150  
White Buff $110 - $155


Waist Belt Original Items (Not for Sale)

Sam Browne

Prices listed depend on "Snake" Buckle or "Union Locket" Other specific Belt Buckles.- POA      
Cavalry & Hussar Belt w/cartridge box   Sam Browne Belt with Shoulder Strap Not Available...
Refurbishment service available for your Sam Browne
Waist Belt Sea Service Pattern 1880 w/Snake Buckle $110.00 Extra Shoulder Strap $35.00  
Waist Belt Pattern 1850 w/Bayonet Frog $110 - $150  
White Buff $115 - $155
Pouch Ammunition, Pistol, MkII $65.00  

Haversacks, General Service

Accoutrement Sets

Water Canteen



Haversack, General Service, Pattern 1812 $45.00

Napoleonic War, 95th Rifles Set

Wooden Water Canteen Painted and marked British issue $145.00
Wooden Water Canteen in the white $100.00
Haversack, General Service, Pattern 1854 $45.00 Equipment Set , Pattern 1856 - 59, Sergeants $POA NZAC Water Bottle Local Pattern (Rum Bottle) POA
Haversack NZ Pattern 1911 $45.00 Equipment Set , Pattern 1856 - 59, Rank & File   Oliver Pattern Water Bottle w/sling





Patern 1895 Waterbottle (Boer War) Reproduction



Replacement Cover  for 1895 Waterbottle (Boer War)


Pat 1895 waterbottle strap 72"



Postage FREE on all orders over $500

  Miscellaneous Items
Rifle Slings

1903 & NZMR Bandolier Equipment

1903 Pattern Australian & British Mounted Rifles

Cartridge pouch 20 rds 577-450 Martini Henry Pattern 1870 $85.00      Whitened Buff    $90.00
Brown Bess All $49.50

Belt, 1903 & Mounted Rifle, Brass Buckle w/keeper

Cartridge Box and strap, Artillery, Pat 1865 w/repro badge $150.00
Baker, Brunswick, P39 & P40 Ammunition Pouch, 10 rds in chargers, belt mounted   Cartridge Box and strap, Cavalry, Pat 1881 $135.00
Enfield, P53, P58, P60 (Muskatoon) & Snider     Pouch, 40 rounds Pat. 1882 $85.00
Martini Henry, Martini Enfield, Magazine Lee Metford (MLM) & Magazine Lee Enfield (MLE) Ammunition Pouch, Leather, Brown Sea Service Mk1 Pat. 1870 $70.00
SMLE, Mk1, MkIII, MkIV and Variants

NZ Mounted Rifles

Pouch, Victorian Period for Smart Phone/I Phone for
  Belt, NZ Mounted Rifle, 4 "D's" Brass Buckle w/keeper
  Ammunition Pouch, 10 rds in chargers, belt mounted
  Shoulder Strap, Mounted Rifles
  Attachment, Belt, NZ Mounted Rifles (For clasp Knife)
  Steady Strap, Bandolier, NZ Mounted Rifles
  Haversack, NZ Pattern, NZ Mounted Rifles
  Download Pricelist


About Postage, Shipping and Payment !

Postage and shipping is required to be added to all items purchased via the PayPal Checkout.
I do this by sending a
Pay Pal Invoice for shipping on completion of the order and prior to posting...
I only invoice true Postage & Packing, what NZ Post charge me. I will try to quote postage on receipt of an order but sometimes may not be able to until the order is complete. If you have any doubts, or wish to have a quote for postage, please email me.

*** FREE *** Postage on all orders over $500

PayPal Account Payment! Please Note: This is a US Dollar account.
All payment invoices must be paid in US Dollars.... NO other currencies. Should you do so, shipping will be held and another request sent for 3.5% of the total amount.
Along with standard PayPal charges I do not wish to be hit with currency conversion charges as well.

New Zealand Domestic Customers. Do NOT use the PayPal facility, email me for a quote and direct debit details


Cap Pocket (Pouch), Pattern 1857

Cap Pocket (Pouch) Pattern 1857, (1st Pattern) hand stitched, dyed and polished "Russet" leather, lined with New Zealand Lambs wool for CSA.
British Issue was plain without lambs wool/fir lined

First Pattern

Dimensions:     Height: 3"   Width: 3"   Depth: 3/4"   +/- available in whitened Buff, Natural Buff, Dark Brown and Black

Second Pattern circa 1859
Made wider and introduced with the Pattern 1859 Cartridge Box for Rank & File

Dimensions:     Height: 3"   Width: 4"   Depth: 3/4"   +/- available in whitened Buff, Natural Buff, Dark Brown and Black

Belt Pattern circa 1840
Prior to the introduction in 1857, cap pockets were either sewn into tunics or in some cases worn on the belt.
Dimensions:     Height: 3"   Width: 4"   Depth: 3/4"   +/- available in whitened Buff, Natural Buff, Dark Brown and Black
Introduced in 1857 to attach to shoulder strap. Lambs wool insert to hold caps in place. Cap pouches were withdrawn when the Snider-Enfield rifles was issued.
Available Whitened Buff, Natural Buff, Dark Brown and Black.

Cap Pouches
Cap Pouch Type

US$40.00 each

Expense Pouch,  Pattern 1859

Expense Pouch,  Pattern 1859, hand stitched (NZ Armed Constabulary)

Reproduction zinc oil bottle $60.00 (Out of Stock)
Recent Sales:

Arizona, USA 6/14
Dimensions:     Height: 4"   Width: 7"   Depth: 1-1/2"   +/- available in whitened Buff, Natural Buff, Dark Brown and Black
Introduced in 1859 and attached to waistbelt Pat. 1854 and described as "ballbag, carrying 10 rounds with oil bottle and rag". List of Changes 371 of 1861 describes it as "Ballbag, buff with broad flap". Rifle Regiments were dyed black"
This one dyed brown is for New Zealand Armed Constabulary.
Similar Expense Pouches dyed black or brown  but with no W↑D acceptance stamps were supplied by the trade to both the Union and The Confederate Armies during the US Civil War.


Expense Pouch, & Accessories

US$85.00 each
*"Whitened Buff", $90.00

Expense Pouch,  Pattern 1855







Pattern 1855 Expense pouch,
Only available in Black

US$85.00 each

Belt Pouch, Patterned 1860's, for I Phone or Smart Phone














Especially for re-enactors who like to have their I Phone or Smart Phone with them when in the field.
This pouch has been designed so that it will not look out of place on your uniform.
Patterned on the Pat1855 Expense pouch above, it is hand stitched and felt lined, designed to snugly fit your I Phone or Smart Phone,
Period brass post for secure closure holding your phone firmly inside the felt lined compartment but easy to grip and remove. Rear keepers made to fit 2" or 2" belt. Standard model but any belt loop size can be supplied. ( Read ordering requirements below)

I know this won't suit the "
Hard Core" re-enactor but I'm sure many a "Farbie" likes to carry their phone with them while on campaign, after all, communications is the key to any battle, even to find out what's for dinner tonight or order the beers and pizza for the "After Battle Function"!!

Would suit re-enactors from any campaign or period, 1850's thu the great war, WWI.
Made to order. Available in standard colours to suit your equipment, Buff white, Black, Dark Brown, Tan or British (London) Brown.

US$65.00 plus US$10.00 (No Change) postage and packing World Wide.

Email: vma@nzrifle,com

**** When ordering please state: ****
Phone Make and Model or dimensions, Height, Length and thickness.
Any markings, CSA & arsenal Markings, US, Broad Arrow, Ownership etc, etc
Belt width (at buckle), any width catered for if you wish this for a standard dress belt or sword belt.

Would suit any outdoors person, hunter, fisherman, tramper or mountain biker. A "Real Blokes" smartphone pouch. A re-enactor could download a rifle shot ringtone, wouldn't be out of place when advancing.

Any questions, please ask.

Cartridge Box,  Enfield Pattern, supplied by the Trade as private purchase to CSA and Colonial Governments

Cartridge Box Pattern 1856

Tinplate magazine boxes on request, POA

Dimensions:     Height: 3-1/2"   Width: 7"   Depth: 3-1/2"   +/- available only in Black
This pouch is a representative contemporary Enfield cartridge box of the Pattern 1845 of "reduced size and improved construction" for Infantry adopted for Infantry of the line in 1856.
This  usually associated with the period of the US Civil War. It was superseded by the pattern of 1859.Also worn with Foot Regiments, Only produced in Black leather


US$105.00 each

Shoulder Belt, for Cartridge Box,  Pattern 1856

Shoulder Strap Pattern 1854


Pattern 1854

Pattern 1805

Contemporary Shoulder Belt, differs from the previous belt now having no buckles or brass tips. Reduced in size to 2-inches in width.
Rifle Regiments natural buff or whitened. NZ Armed Constabulary and US Civil war in Dark Brown.
Issued in three standard sizes, 58,61 & 62 inches total length. Longer or shorter by special order, Download Measurement Chart


Colours Available


US$50.00 each
*"Whitened Buff", $55.00


Cartridge Box,  Pattern 1859, Sergeants and Rank & File

Cartridge Box Pattern 1859, Illustrated Sergeants Pattern. Rank & File identical except for No cap pouch. The cap pouch is stitched at the top and wired at the bottom

Dimensions:     Height: 3-1/2"   Width: 7-+1/2"   Depth: 3"   +/- available only in Black

Cartridge Box, Pattern 1859
Rank and File US$125.00 each
(with Cap Pouch)  US$150.00 each

Cartridge Box and strap, Artillery, Pat 1865


Artillery badge is painted resin







Dimensions:     Height: 3"   Width: 6-1/2"   Depth: 1-1/2"   +/-  available in whitened Buff, Natural Buff, Dark Brown and Black

Rank and File US$150.00 each (With Resin Badge)
Rank and File US$135.00 each (Without Badge)
Resin Royal Artillery Badge Only US$20.00 each

Cartridge Pouch 20 rds, 577-450 Martini Henry Rifle, Pattern 1870



  US$85.00 each
*"Whitened Buff", $90.00

Ammunition Pouch, 20 Rounds, Leather, Brown, Sea Service Mk1 Pattern 1870 (Naval Brigade)





  US$85.00 each  

Cartridge Box,  Pattern 1805  with shoulder strap (Rifles Regiment)

Pattern 1805 Cartridge Box (Rifles) with shoulder straps

Made to measure, measure, Download Measurement Chart


US$155.00 each

Cavalry Cartridge Box & Shoulder Strap Pattern 1885


  Pouch & Straps US$155.00 each
Pouch Only US$100.00 each

Bayonet Frogs,  All Patterns

Bayonet Frog, Rifle Regiments Sergeants, Rank & File 1865

Bayonet Frog, Rifle Regiments Sergeants, Rank & File 1865
Bayonet Frog,  Pattern 1853 (For Socket Bayonet)

Bayonet Frogs

US$50.00 each

Reproduction Leather Rifle Slings
Brown Bess


Baker & Bruswick, P39 & P40

Enfield P53, P58,P60 (Muskatoon) & Snider

To Download Enfield Sling Fitting Instructions as a .pdf file     Click Here

Martini Henry, Magazine Lee Metford & Magazine Lee Enfield

SMLE, Mk1, MkIII, MkIV and variants

Sling Types
  All Slings US$49.50 each

Rifle Regiments
Napoleonic War 1805 - 1825

(95th Rifles, Sharpe's Regiment)

Bayonet Frog, Rifle Regiments Sergeants, Rank & File 1865

Pouch (Cartridge Box) & Shoulder Strap Pattern 1805 Expense Pouch (Ball Bag) "D" type 1st Pattern Haversack 1812 General Service
US$155.00 US$85.00 US$45.00
Waist belt Infantry w/Snake buckle &
Bayonet Frog Attached (Angled)
Expense Pouch (Ball Bag) 2nd Pattern Rifle Sling, Baker & Brunswick Rifles

Note: Ball bag sold separately to belt...


Napoleonic War 1805 - 1825

Postage calculated on order        

Haversacks General Service All Patterns

Haversack General Service Pattern 1854

Haversack, General Service, Pattern 1812

Dimensions:     Height: 12"   Width: 21"  

Haversack Pattern 1812, General Service
These haversacks were designed to carry a soldiers rations, usually 3 loves of bread and 2lb of beef

This is a copy of a haversack carried in the Peninsula wars between 1803 and 1813. Was used right through the Napoleonic Wars and later

The haversack for sale is made of light canvas coloured light kaki,

The haversack illustrated is my prototype, this was made from calico and is representative.

This is the type of Haversack featured in the TV Programme, "Sharps Rifles", the 95th, see photo.

All the leatherwear featured here for the 95th rifles image is available, belt, bayonet frog, Cartridge box, powder horn, shoulder strap, expense pouch, rifle sling and water canteen.

Haversack, General Service, Pattern 1854

Dimensions:     Height: 13-1/2"   Width: 11"   Depth: 3"  at the bottom, 2" at the top +/- available in light canvas colour, Khaki


Water Canteens

Wooden Canteen

  Painted US $145

Dimensions:     Height: "   Width: "   Depth: "   +/- available in whitened Buff, Natural Buff, Dark Brown and Black

Wooden water canteens made from Oak were issued as camp equipment in the Napoleonic period. Painted "Ordinance Blue" with unit markings in white, prior to 1854 marked B↑O and post 1854, W↑D.
The strap is 72" long and stained black for Guards and Rifle Regiments and Whitened Buff for Line Regiments or can be supplied natural Buff. Not until 1874 was this water canteen replaced with the "Italian" pattern wooden bottle.

I have not seen any contempory photographs or drawings of this water bottle being issued to to the New Zealand Armed Constabulary but as they used much equipment left by the British one would surmise that they would have considering complaints that the NZ local pattern (Rum bottle) [images below]  being too small . These were actually made from soda bottles by the Troopers and not an issued item..

NZ Armed Constabulary Water Bottle Local Pattern (Rum Bottle)


Waterbottle MkIV Pattern 1895 (Boer war, NZ Mounted Rifles)


Replacement Cover & Strap, Pattern 95 Water Bottle
Cover cut an sewn to fit original water bottle. Supplied with Needle and thread to finish
Replacement cover for Original Pattern 1895 Water Bottle




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